B. Thayer Associates collects and delivers data designed to accurately represent existing conditions to meet the needs of clients ranging from local landowners to some of the largest infrastructure agencies in the northeast. B. Thayer Associates can provide all services necessary to produce highly detailed, accurate surveys. Our staff strive to combine tried and true methods with new technology in pursuit of the most efficient workflows, providing us with both time-, accuracy-, and cost-based benefits. Our experienced survey team is equipped with the latest robotic, GPS, and 3D laser scanning technology. Our 3D laser scanner’s enhanced level of detail allows users to discern more information about existing conditions, allowing for better decision-making during design. This limits unforeseen conflicts and helps eliminate costly change orders during the project.
The inventory of high-precision surveying instruments we maintain in-house help provide our clients with high quality, cost effective survey data collection and accurate mapping of existing field conditions. The licensed surveyors that lead our survey staff are highly trained experts in the implementation of advanced production techniques. The firm adheres to strict internal quality control policies, resulting in deliverable accuracy and on-schedule project completion.

Specialized Services Include

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