RFK Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation


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LOCATION: Manhattan, NY
AGENCY: MTA Bridges & Tunnels


The primary objective of the TBTA’s RK-22/RK-23 contracts was to rehabilitate the steel
approach structures and replace the concrete spans of the Manhattan Approach ramp
structures to the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Bridge. This project focused on the structures
facilitating vehicular traffic to and from Manhattan, and facilitate pedestrian access to
and from Randall’s Island. This work brought the approach structures to a state of good
repair, and provide a minimum 50-year service life.

For RK-23, our team of landscape architects and International Society of Arboriculture
(ISA) Certified Arborists provided services including Tree Inventory and Assessment,
Permitting, and PS&E for Landscape Architecture and Architecture Restoration.
Our Arborists completed a detailed tree inventory of 400+ trees within the project
area per New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) standards.
Our team produced Final Tree Protection & Removals Plans for TBTA and NYCDPR
approval, resolving tree valuation and restitution issues. Final Landscape Restoration
drawings were submitted, incorporating tree mitigation techniques such as structural
soil beneath new pavements and new plantings.

For RK-22, our team conducted a survey of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge using a Faro
3D laser scanner. The extremely accurate three dimensional model was used to show
a side-by-side comparison of the existing ramp against the proposed removal of the
curtain wall. Removal of these walls revealed an aesthetically pleasing and accessible
open space beneath the ramp. These illustrations prompted TBTA to move the project
forward to producing design drawings and bid documents for construction.

Our team is providing Construction Support Services including arborist and landscape
inspections, and responding to RFI’s and shop drawings submittals.

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