Rendering of bridge

B. Thayer Associates is providing Architectural services at the at the Queens and Manhattan Ventilation buildings for the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. The buildings were constructed in 1938 and consist of a series of evase stacks for ventilation that ascend 15' to 30' above the roof over the fourth floor.

The Architectural services include roofs replacement and design for the rehabilitation of areas impacted by and responsible for water infiltration. B. Thayer Associates designed a new metal panel coping system to replace the existing masonry coping system. The new design is contextual with the existing architectural character of the buildings.

B. Thayer Associates selected materials and developed details that would mitigate the water infiltration into the evase stacks and the areas below the roofs. Our team is currently preparing drawings and specifications for the project and will be providing services during Construction.

Queens Midtown Tunnel - Remediation to Water Infiltration at the Manhattan and Queens Ventilation Buildings

Location: Queens and Manhattan, NY

Client: MTA Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority

Cost: $5.2 Million approx.