Coney Island Ferry

B. Thayer Associates provided consulting services for the Amenities Program on a new pier at Coney Island. As part of the Coney Island Ferry Feasibility Study, the B. Thayer team studied and evaluated a wide range of local examples as well as examples throughout the United States and Europe of piers that have been enhanced to provide more than transportation services, including tourist attractions and amusements.

The focus of the program and master plan for the new pier involved expanding utilization by including such elements as basic passenger amenities to high end attractions. We provided the client with the best procedures by which the pier facilities could successfully incorporate economic and visitor enhancements in various scales including pier terminal, restaurants, retail, galleries, tourism support services, educational/cultural venues, performance space, and amusements.

The Ferry Program Plan included two alternatives reflecting innovative design, a narrative description of proposed improvements, and the criteria and standards to be incorporated in the development of the pier design.

Coney Island Ferry Feasibility Study

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Client: New York City Economic Development Corporation

Cost: N/A