Alternate Fueling Depot Garage

The Town of North Hempstead was interested in replacing the existing bus facility at the Port Washington yard and contracted B. Thayer Associates to design an expandable structure that is also "sustainable".

This "Green" Fuels Depot/Garage will serve to both administer fuels using emerging alternate energy technologies which convert collected residue into alternative low carbon fuels used to operate municipal fleet vehicles and safely store the town buses with provisions for future expansion. The facility will grow as more buses are acquired.

B. Thayer Associates' team is designing a building with built-in protection of the walls from vehicular impact. Openings such as roll-up doors and windows will be designed for ease of use, useful life, energy efficiency, and to minimize maintenance.

The design is also taking into consideration ventilation and lighting requirements as well as environmental benefits of integrating features like natural lighting in the garage bays, offices, break-room, and restrooms/lockers. Bus wash water reclamation as well as reclamation of fluids and rainwater runoff for stormwater management and other energy saving measures are key considerations in the design of the facility. Additionally, the exteriors' design will fit within the context of the area and augment the aesthetics of the site and its surroundings.

Town of North Hempstead Garage and Offices for Alternate Fueling Depot

Location: Port Washington, NY

Client: Town of North Hempstead