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The Incorporated Village of Hempstead is in the development stage of designing a strategic program to reduce the Village's carbon footprint as part of the Downtown Visioning Process (the Vision). One strategy to achieve energy efficiency and conservation will be to implement sustainable building techniques including solar access and green roofs. As the Downtown Vision Process develops, measurable goals and objectives will be established including goals for renewable energy. Eventually, the Vision will encompass all public buildings, street lighting, and new private development.

With the growing cost of oil and gas and with fossil fuels affect on worldwide air quality, the Village of Hempstead set upon an environmentally conscientious plan to install photovoltaic solar panels on the building that houses the recreation center at Kennedy Park.

B. Thayer Associates aided the Village of Hempstead with their Vision by providing professional services to secure a $479,000 grant from the U. S. Department of Energy, designing the solar panel layout and installation, developing plans to replace all existing light fixtures with LED light fixtures and overseeing the construction and construction administration. When completed, the solar panel system is designed to produce 60kW of electricity, providing the energy necessary to operate recreational indoor day-time activities for each of the Village parks.

Pedestrian bridge

Incorporated Village of Hempstead, U.S. Department of Energy-Solar Panel & LED Lighting Grant

Location: Hempstead NY

Client: Village of Hempstead

ACEC New York Platinum Engineering Excellence Award / Energy, 2014