Whaleneck Creek Culvert is a 2-Barrel concrete box culvert oriented north-south and approximately 84 feet long, 22 feet wide, and 5 feet high. The culvert allows a tidal creek to cross under Merrick Road and forms the boundary between Merrick and Bellmore, in Nassau County, NY.

Due to a low condition rating, the County of Nassau desired to improve the culvert to such an extent that roadway load restrictions were removed and subsequent condition ratings remained acceptable for at least 5 inspection cycles.

B. Thayer Associates provided topographical base mapping, which included the roadway and undeveloped upland areas abutting the creek, as well as areas of tidal inundation and lands under water.

Deliverables included an underground utility survey, a Property Detail Map, and a Topographic Map. Boundary and Right-of-Way lines were determined for 17 parcels as per deeds, filed maps, and other legal documents.

Whaleneck Creek Survey and Mapping

Location: Merrick, NY

Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works