The State University of New York at Stony Brook required topographic and utility surveys prior to the repair and reconstruction of a number of campus roadways. Corrections included changes in road widths and turning radius; drainage calculations; and installation of new drainage structures and curbs. Plans also included the elimination of a section of vehicular roadway in favor of a pedestrian pathway.

B. Thayer Associates has completed topographic surveys and utility inventories of 6500 linear feet of roadway at the campus. The team created a horizontal control network throughout the campus using GPS and conventional total station traversing techniques. A conventional closed traverse was completed and the horizontal positions were adjusted to the New York State Plane Coordinate System. On-site elevations were generated by differential leveling. Detailed topographic mapping of the work area was then undertaken. All major improvements were located along with enough topographic data to generate contours on a one-foot interval from a Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Utility mark-outs were located and a detailed utility inventory was performed. All sanitary and drainage structures were accessed by B. Thayer survey staff. Invert elevations, pipe diameter and type, direction of flow and general condition of the structure were observed and recorded. Multiple generations of record plans from various sources were reconciled with data collected in the field to determine the location of various utility lines.

State University of New York Stony Brook Topographic & Utility

Location: Stony Brook, NY

Client: State University of New York Stony Brook