Aerial view of property

On behalf of the City of New York, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is proposing to redevelop an approximately 60-acre City-owned property located in Charleston, in the Borough of Staten Island. The proposed development will include five parcels with the following uses: retail, parkland, housing, school and library.

In order to aid a court-mandated environmental impact statement, B. Thayer Associates performed a boundary survey of the entire parcel. Our surveyors performed extensive research on the parent tract and on each of the adjoining parcels. Historic record documents were analyzed and compared to existing field evidence, with close attention being paid to discrepancies and other possible boundary issues. Once the boundary determination was completed legal descriptions of all the proposed lots were prepared. Included in that survey was detailed topography of any areas around the perimeter of the site which had changed since the previous survey, and a tree survey of the entire site that included all trees over 4ft. in caliper.

Charleston Environmental Planning Work

Location: Staten Island, NY

Client: New York City Economic Development Corporation