Select Bus Service

Originally termed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), New York’s modified version, the Select Bus Service (SBS), is proposed to be implemented in all five boroughs of New York City to provide a more efficient bus service.

B. Thayer Associates helped to establish a set of design guidelines, 30% and 60% design drawings for selected stations, and recently completed PS&E drawings for Nostrand Avenue stations. The guidelines follow many of the key principles in PlaNYC and New York’s Greenstreets program including new locations for infiltration planters, extended tree pits, and proposed vegetation, as well as tree protection and mitigation techniques. B. Thayer Associates prepared a constructability report to research sustainable techniques and assess the many alternatives for construction of the SBS platform, and a Tree Inventory Report to assess construction impacts on existing trees at proposed station locations. B. Thayer Associates also worked with the DEP on ROW Bioswales and stormwater solutions, and assisted with the public outreach task.

B. Thayer Associates prepared a Categorical Exclusion with Documentation (CE(d)) in conformance with NEPA guidance of 23 CFR 771, and an Environmental Assessment  Statement (EAS) in conformance with the CEQR, as required for the implementation of the SBS on Nostrand and Rogers Avenues in Brooklyn, and 1st and 2nd Avenues in New York.

Select Bus Service

Nostrand and 1st & 2nd Avenues Select Bus Service Design and EAS

Location: Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC

Client: New York City Department of Transportation