Select Bus Service

Originally termed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), New York's modified version, the Select Bus Service (SBS), is proposed to be implemented in all five boroughs of New York City to provide a more efficient bus service.

Our scope of work included topographic surveying of multiple intersections and blocks. Before commencement of field work extensive research was performed. Various utility surveyors were contacted and record mapping was requested. Visits were made to Borough Hall in order to acquire current Right-of-Way data, including Section Maps, recent Damage Acquisition Maps and any other record maps that might affect Rights of Way. Borough coordinate and bench mark data were also acquired.

At each site a horizontal and vertical control network was tied into record information. All sites were tied into Borough Datum plane using either differential leveling from published bench marks or RTK GPS observations.

Once control networks were created topographic mapping was conducted and as-built information was collected. After data collection was completed all field data were run through our field to finish routines to generate topographic mapping and to guarantee adherence to DDC standards.

As mapping was completed utility data was incorporated from both record mapping and field evidence. Utility profiles were generated from as-built data and record mapping.

Topographic Survey for Nostrand Avenue Select Bus Service

Location: Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC

Client: New York City Department of Transportation