The Ridgewood Busway is a proposed bus route in Queens which would utilize existing rights-of-way remaining from abandoned street car lines. In connecting these rights-of-way, existing public streetscapes will be impacted. B. Thayer worked closely with the MTA NYCT to prepare mitigation plans to minimize impact to the existing neighborhood.

Two critical areas contained existing planting beds, trees, and public seating areas. The existing materials were inventoried and assessed, and plans to reconfigure these spaces while retaining existing amenities, were created. B. Thayer presented the Agencies with a variety of sustainable options to consider including bioswales to capture stormwater runoff, native plantings, and permeable pavers. The team referenced NYCDDC "High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines," NYCDPR "Greenstreets" projects, and various DEC Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Tasks included Conceptual and Schematic Design as well as graphic visualizations for presentation to city officials and community boards. The landscape designs help to maintain the character of the neighborhood while adding amenities in line with the goals of the project and client, ultimately creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly transit corridor.

Ferry Terminal Facade

Conceptual Engineering Study of Ridgewood Busway

Location: Queens, NY

Client: New York City Transit