MTA NYCT Grand Central Vertical Circulation Image by Daniel Schwen

B. Thayer Associates provided architectural services for feasibility studies to address pedestrian crowding and vertical circulation within the Grand Central Station subway system.

Our architects performed investigation and evaluation of existing areas. Deep transfer girders supporting the hotel above and utilities were a major constraint to the development of design solutions and presented challenges to concourse/circulation improvements.

Our architects developed comprehensive drawings depicting the intricate and complex existing building and structural systems and utilities and the proposed improvements with existing buildings to be reconfigured and renovated for new stairs from the subway platforms to the concourse, and new stairs and elevators from the concourse to the street level, conversion of storage areas (currently used by hotel above) to subway concourse/ circulation areas, retail spaces, employee space and police station. These drawings were utilized by the structural engineer and the cost estimator to complete the feasibility study. Various options were completed.

Currently, we are completing a similar feasibility study to connect two subway lines with LIRR ESA and Metro North Railroad with the creation of a new connecting circulation concourse in an unexcavated area requiring major architectural/structural modifications to large existing areas and providing new additional escalators, stairs and elevator.

MTA NYCT Grand Central Station - Passenger Circulation Improvements Master Plan

Location: New York, NY

Client: MTA New York City Transit