View of expressway

During the installation of ITS Traffic Communication Systems on the Long Island and Clearview Expressways, B. Thayer Associates was actively involved in construction inspection for the New York State DOT. The buffer area along both highways contains vegetation that is an asset to the surrounding community residences and businesses. Our inspectors oversaw construction that might have affected the health of vegetation along the highway corridor. In order to ensure the long term vitality of the existing vegetation, extra steps were taken to prevent damage to and care for those trees which could easily be harmed by construction activities. This involved pruning of mature trees, vertical mulching of trees, watering vegetation, and pneumatic trenching in those areas where conduit installation would pass through the root zone of mature trees.

Daily reports were prepared concerning all aspects of construction activities and B. Thayer Associates acted as a consultant on all Arboriculture and Landscape Architecture related issues. Subsequent to construction, the roadside landscape was restored to maintain the health of the local environment.

View of expressway

ITS Installation along the Long Island and Clearview Expressways - Arborist and Landscape Architectural Permit, Design and Construction Inspection Support Services

Location: Queens, NY

Client: New York State Department of Transportation