View of expressway

Working with NYSDOT, and NYC Parks NRG (Natural Resource Group) B. Thayer Associates provided Arboriculture Services, Landscape Architecture, and CSS for a landscape restoration project that sought to restore landfill and forested areas to their natural condition. Through a multi-phase process, B. Thayer Associates oversaw the construction of an access roadway onto the site as well as earthwork procedures such as removal of invasive plant species to reduce environmental stress. Adhering to Best Management Practices (BMPs) for storm-water control and erosion and sediment measures our team restored this approximately (5) five acre site to natural hydrologic function. Soil characteristics, nutrient content and appropriate soil depth were researched to provide for a natural and functional soil profile.

Our team of arborists oversaw the construction processes which included grading of the landfill area and augering excavation to allow for proper site drainage. Preservation of the structure and health of surrounding trees and their root-systems was of paramount consideration during construction activity and pruning operations. B. Thayer Associates supervised the extensive planting of thousands of trees, shrubs, forbs, ferns and grasses once earthwork has been completed.

View of expressway

Long Island Expressway and Cross Island Parkway Southwest Quadrant Landscape Restoration

Location: Queens, NY

Client: New York State Department of Transportation

ACEC New York Gold Engineering Excellence Award / Environmental, 2014