B. Thayer Associates worked with staff from HDR and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis (BEPA) conducting vegetation surveys for the Pennsylvania and Fountain Avenue Landfill sites located in Brooklyn, New York.

B. Thayer Associates provided teams of ISA Certified Arborists to scan, record status dead or alive, measure and record the total height, and measure spring growth if evident, of 10,957 plants at the Pennsylvania Avenue Landfill and 23,183 plants at the Fountain Avenue Landfill.

DEP expanded our original scope to include in-depth vegetative assessments on 47 points along 12 transects within the landfills, and additional tree/shrub health assessments in conjunction with an Integrated Pest Management / Tree Health Care Report. Our arborists worked closely with entomologists, cataloging insects, and plant pathologists, analyzing diseases, to provide the DEP with a cohesive report.

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Pennsylvania / Fountain Avenue Landfill Vegetation Survey and IPM/PHC

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection