View of bridge

City Island is a small community at the edge of New York City located just beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. The City Island Bridge connects this community to the mainland and has slowly deteriorated over its 100-year history. To facilitate reconstruction of the Bridge, NYCDOT plans to construct a temporary bridge which would pass through the City Island Esplanade.

B. Thayer Associates' landscape architects were contracted to develop a plan for the restoration of the esplanade after construction. The work included preparation of concept sketches through construction bid documents, cost estimates and specifications as well as design services during construction. Design involved the relocation and upgrade of the John S. Pasvankias, Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials. The design scheme called for both protection of the existing landscape features, and restoration of areas where impacts could not be avoided.

Our team of arborists did a full inspection of the existing vegetation, and developed tree protection plans with include protection barriers, the use of pneumatic excavation, vertical mulching and restoration planting to be implemented following construction. Our arborists have worked closely with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to ensure that this small, but important, park is fully restored and can be used for generations to come.

Bridge and esplanade

Reconstruction of City Island Bridge and Esplanade

Location: Bronx, NYC

Client: New York City Department of Transportation