Smith Point Bridge

The Smith Point Bridge over Narrow Bay is in need of replacement. The general project limits are from the traffic circle approximately 1500 feet south of the existing bridge south abutment to 1000 feet north of the existing bridge north abutment, for an approximate project length of 3,700 linear feet.

Re-opening the bridge would require the rehabilitation of the peeling paint, corrosion, loose mortar, and frozen expansion joints on the main span and on existing stairways; the construction of new bicycle ramps; and the installation of floodlights on the span.

In order to complete design survey within the required project limits, B. Thayer surveyors utilized a combination of Aerial Mapping and Total Station Ground Survey. The B. Thayer team created a horizontal and vertical control network across the project work area using conventional traverse techniques from control points provided by the County in order to "tie down" aerial mapping provided by our sub consultant, Geomaps International. Detailed topographic mapping of the work area was then undertaken. A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was generated for the overall project area; a separate DTM associated with the bridge surface was also generated. Utility locations, a bathymetric survey of Narrow Bay performed by our sub consultant, Rogers Surveying, PLLC, and bridge detail were observed and added to the base mapping.

Additionally, a right-of-way map was generated to depict the existing right-of-way, property boundaries, easements and riparian rights throughout the project limits.

Smith Point Bridge

Location: Shirley, NY

Client: Suffolk County Department of Public Works