Located directly adjacent to the Long Island Sound, this new construction in Sands Point required an advanced stormwater management system, sanitary system and geothermal heating and cooling system for a modern home. B. Thayer worked with the project team, including landscape architects, engineers, architects, contractors and product manufacturers, to produce a site design that would function with the high groundwater table and complex property. The sanitary system utilizes a unique sand filter, which provided greater flexibility in the completion of the design. Although prominently used throughout New England, this will be the first installation of such a system on Long Island. The stormwater management system is also highly complex. The high groundwater table does not allow for the use of traditional drywells for stormwater storage, so a low-profile system of chambers was used. A retention basin was also designed, both as a functional stormwater storage facility and an aesthetic landscape element. The total capacity of the combined system allows for the site to hold and recharge a five inch rainfall event. Our team developed the layout of the geothermal system that provides heating and cooling capabilities for the interior of the home. Our team coordinated the layout with the contractors, the landscape architects, and the architects, as well as with our own design of the complex sanitary and stormwater systems.

Sands Point Residence Drainage Design

Location: Stony Brook, NY

Client: SUNY at Stony Brook