To improve vehicular safety and traffic flow, Suffolk County Department of Public Works was interested in reconfiguring an existing traffic circle at CR 94 (Center Drive), CR 63 (Old East Moriches-Riverhead Road), CR 104 (Quogue Riverhead Road), and NYS 24 (Flanders Road). B. Thayer Associates was contracted to provide topographic and right-of-way surveys to the design team. The survey team prepared a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the project area encompassing the same limits as the topographic survey. Cross-section elevations and contours were derived directly from the DTM. Based on the completed right-of-way and topographic survey, the team also developed a survey centerline for each roadway within the project limits. Upon approval of the survey centerlines by the SCDPW, B. Thayer Associates will set reference monuments in the field to Department specifications.

Approximately 600 linear feet of road topography, right-of-way determination, and utility locating was completed for this project.

Improvements at the Intersections of CR 51/94 and CR 63/104 at NYS Route 24 Survey Service

Location: Riverhead, NY

Client: Suffolk County Department of Public Works