View of road

The off-set intersection of County Road 3 (Wellwood Avenue), Long Island Avenue and Conklin Street is one of Long Islandís busiest intersections. High speeds, unsafe conditions, rising accident rates, and traffic congestion prompted officials to conduct an improvement study. Recommendations included widening the road, providing additional turn lanes, and relocating Long Island Avenue in order to create a much safer a four-point intersection.

B. Thayer completed extensive and complex acquisition mapping for the relocation of Long Island Avenue prior to the design phase. Additional professional surveying and mapping services were provided that included topographic and right-of-way surveys at the intersection of Pinelawn Road with Ruland Road, Wellwood Avenue with Conklin Street, and Wellwood Avenue with the LIRR.

The County needed to acquire privately-owned land in order for construction of the four-point intersection to proceed. The land owner, a large private entity with influential representation, negotiated a land transfer with the County rather than an appropriation under the Eminent Domain law. The B. Thayer survey crew generated 31 land transfer documents and 21 maps in order to outline County land available of comparable size and facilitate this property transfer.

County Road 3 (Wellwood Avenue) at Pinelawn Road

Location: Melville, NY

Client: Suffolk County Department of Public Works